God gathers us together for a purpose, which is revealed to us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

Jesus embraced people who had been excluded, dignifying them by eating with them, touching those believed to be contagious, and associating with so-called sinners.  In his life, he challenged religious leaders and taught all people that they are God’s own beloved children. These religious leaders handed him over to Rome, who cruelly executed him. Jesus went to the cross to reveal God’s love for all people, and God raised him up, validating the truth we follow 2000 years later.  

Our mission as a church is to share God’s love with all people, and for this reason our congregation is gathered.  The love of Christ, poured into our hearts, inspires our vision–to share the love we have been given generously, leaving judgment to God alone, who is merciful and just, abounding in steadfast love.  

We pray that you will feel welcome here, experiencing the divine and healing embrace of the love of God in Christ, for which we are gathered.