craig-for-webOur Church Council called a special meeting on June 25th. On the agenda was a motion to withdraw $95,000 from our Endowment Fund to address three urgently needed building repairs. The motion passed unanimously.   

First, our roof shingles had exceeded their lifespan.  If you looked at our roof from a distance, you could see that the shingles had worn so thin that the roof joists shown through. Worse, we were beginning to suffer interior water damage.  

Second, our atrium windows—the windows that surround the stairway connecting the first floor to the fellowship hall—were single-pain glass framed in steel. Consequently, the condensation from the windows caused the steel to rust, and this problem had been left uncured for so long that knife-like shards of decayed steel curled out into the stairwell.  The rust deteriorated steel frames were not only an eye-sore, but a danger to our children.  

Third, over the past several years, we have had trouble with our boiler losing water, so we have been spending funds to solve a problem without fixing the underlying cause. There was even a Sunday in 2017 when there was no heat on during worship because the water level had so decreased the the boiler automatically turned off as a safety precaution.  The problem, we discovered, was a “condensate return pipe,”  a pipe that returns condensed steam (water) to the boiler, thus maintaining the water level.  Because of the many ways our building has been remodeled and added onto over the years, fixing the underlying cause was no small matter and thus came at no small cost.  

I am glad to report the the work is completed.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Jeff Newcomb for his help guiding mechanical repairs to our boiler system. Also, as we all well-know, Jim and Dan Moorhusen donate their time and expertise to our building, the devotion and commitment is gift and blessing to us. Jim not only found a roofing contractor and helped to select shingles that look like our original tile roof, but he and Dan took out the steel frames in our old atrium windows, which turned out to be a formidable task. Thank you also for the Council for developing a plan to address these urgently needed repairs, and to the congregation for its unanimous support.

May God bless us as we work together to maintain and improve our lovely and historic building.  


Estimate Actual
Roofing $56,000 $56,365
Windows $15,000 $14,337
Boiler $12,000 $14,608

Bal. to Building Fund


Total  $95,000

3 Comments on “The Tower: Building Update”

  1. Thanks to Craig, Jim, Jeff, and to all who have taken care of our endowment and our building over many years, making these decisions possible and the future bright. Carol

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