Church App:  Our Mobile Phone Church App is a vital communication tool. Instructions for getting started with our Church App are available here.

Ministry Board Documents: All documents are saved on the church’s Google Drive.

Google Group E-mail Address: Each Ministry Board and Council has its own Google Group Email Address. The office subscribes and unsubscribes members from these addresses.  Email sent to the Google Group address is automatically distributed to all subscribed members. Emails and attachments are archived.

Timeline Coordination: We follow a regular schedule in the office.  Please let us know if this schedule needs to be adjusted.

  • By noon on the Friday before Council (2nd Tuesday), financial reports will be saved to the Council Google Drive Directory.
  • Financial statements for individual Ministry Boards will be saved to appropriate Google Drive Directories.  If paper copies are needed, please contact our bookkeeper, Jennifer Dailing.
  • Minutes sent to Ministry Board Group E-mail address are printed and given to Pr. Craig to read.
  • When members are absent from meetings, all documents are available in Ministry Board Google Drive Directory.

Calendar: Please consult with the office before scheduling events. Office staff will help to coordinate building access, custodial support, and marketing.

Mailboxes: The Moderator and Ministry Board Chairs have mailboxes in the office. Please check mailboxes regularly.

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