Membership Software and App: All Ministry Board Members should log into our on-line membership software and download the App.  Help getting started can be found here.

Ministry Board Documents: All documents are saved on the church’s Google Drive.  To access a Google Drive from a phone or tablet, it is advisable to download the Google Drive App.  Ministry Boards often find it useful to work on documents together using Google Docs.

>> It is a good idea to bookmark the pages relevant to your Ministry Board.  <<

Google Group E-mail Address: Each Ministry Board and Council has its own Google Group E-mail Address. E-mail sent to this address is received by all members of the Ministry Board and Council using this single e-mail address. The office subscribes and unsubscribes members from these addresses.  E-mail and attached documents sent to Google Groups are archived. It is important to consider this e-mail as public.

Timeline Coordination: We follow a regular schedule in the office.  Please let us know if this schedule needs to be adjusted.

  • By noon on the Friday before Council (2nd Tuesday), financial reports will be saved to the Council Google Drive Directory.
  • Complete copies of financial reports will be printed and placed in the Building and Finance mail box (see below).
  • Financial statements for individual Ministry Boards will be saved to appropriate Google Drive Directories.  If paper copies are needed, please contact Sara Otta.
  • Ministry Board Agendas, Minutes, and other documents, will be saved to Ministry Board Google Drive Directory when they are sent to the Ministry Board Group E-Mail Address.
  • Minutes sent to Ministry Board Group E-mail address are printed and given to Pr. Craig to read.
  • When members are absent from meetings, all documents are available in Ministry Board Google Drive Directory.

Mailboxes: The Moderator and Ministry Board Chairs have mailboxes in the office. Please check mailboxes regularly.



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