The Congregation met after worship on Sunday March 18th, 2018, to vote on whether to adopt the Open and Affirming Covenant as proposed by Council.  The result of the confidential, paper ballot was to approve the motion and adopt the ONA Covenant:

Official Ballots In Favor % Opposed %
107 78 72.90% 29 27.10%

For the first time, the Council developed a procedure to allow members wintering in Florida, required to work, away on Spring Break, and physically unable to attend (Shut-ins) to cast Provisional Ballots. While these Provisional Ballots cannot be counted as part of the official total, these ballots give us a broader sense of the congregation’s support or opposition to the ONA Covenant:

Provisional Ballots In Favor % Opposed %
27 26 96.30% 1 7.41%

The discussion began with a brief presentation–available here–addressing the following questions:

  • What is Open and Affirming?
  • Why now?
  • Where is the Congregation?
  • What will follow?

In a spirited discussion, members respectfully expressed their support and opposition to the motion.  The question was called when it was clear the congregation was decided and ready to vote.

Approving an Open and Affirming Covenant is the first step in a journey we will walk together, promising to hold one another with care, gentleness and openness and learning along the way.  We walk together by faith regardless of the creeds we confess, beliefs we hold, or opinions we express, and we pray God will bless us as we travel this journey together.

Yours in Christ,

Pr. Craig

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  1. Let’s move on together. Any doubters that would like to discuss this from a natural, genetic and agricultural perspective – I am offering mine!