It will be soon be spring… Time to start gardening!

Last year, we built raised beds in our 7th Avenue parking lot and filled them with garden soil. This year we are ready to fill them with seeds and young plants…AND we are also partnering with World Relief to distribute fresh produce! Kim Dyer plans to plant a variety of vegetables, focusing on those requested by World Relief. Trellises are also in the works to make more efficient use of the space and for easy picking.

Where do all our gardeners come into the mix?

We need volunteers willing to do some light gardening. Tasks may include: watering, occasional weeding, picking, etc. and will vary each week depending on the needs of the garden. We are asking individuals, families and friends to sign up to cover a week of “garden duty” during growing season (May 15 – September 15).

Interested in joining the gardening team? Fill out the form below or contact Carol Freeman 309-235-1626 or

Please consider helping to feed our neighbors!

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