Thanks to the vision of our Ministry Boards and the generosity of our members, we will launch Live @ FCC this fall, an audio-visual system for live streaming services and events in our sanctuary.  

Live @ FCC will allow us to live stream worship services and special events to our shut-ins and our snowbirds when they fly south.  If grandma happens to be in Arizona on Christmas Eve, she can watch her grandchildren participate in the Living Nativity on Live @ FCC.  Far-flung friends and families can attend funeral services and weddings through Live @ FCC. And everything live streamed can then be shared on our website for prospective new members who visit FCCMOLINE.ORG.

In addition, a display monitor will be installed in our Hearthside Room, along with a changing table and rocking chairs, for our many new parents who need a moment to comfort a child during worship services and other events.

Our Ministry Boards see Live @ FCC as a good way to support congregational life.  Our Spiritual Engagement Ministry Board gladly supported this initiative as a way both to care for our shut-ins and as a way to foster our music ministries.  Our Outreach and Mission Ministry Board supported Live @ FCC as a way to reach out to prospective members. Our Christian Education Board also supported this initiative because it will provide care and support for parents with young children and allow us to livestream and share the many ways our children participate in worship. Together, our Ministry Boards contributed $5,000 to support Live @ FCC.

The funds raised through contributions of our Ministry Boards is only part of the story.  Our members generously contributed $11,000 to support Live @ FCC. The total funds contributed exceed the $13,000 cost of installing the system, so we have the very good problem of looking for other creative ways to support the life and worship of our congregation.  

Thank you to our Ministry Boards for their vision and leadership and to the extraordinary generosity of our members.  It is a good thing, indeed, that we will soon be able to better share the love of God we experience in worship Live @ FCC.  

3 Comments on “The Tower: Live @ FCC”

  1. What a great idea! Marcella and I look forward to seeing live stream of services until we return to the Quad Cities in 2019. Thanks to all that made this happen.