Church Survey

They came promising a free family photo for every family and a free photo directory for the entire congregation. They set up their cameras and organized family poses against common backgrounds. Then came the sales pitch……

When the photographers came to our church, my mom got my sister and me some snappy new clothes and harassed our hair into compliance and lacquered it into submission. As our family drove to our appointment, my parents discussed their strategy for the sales pitch.

Times have changed. Our church office can now easily print our own pictorial directory and we have a mobile app to allow verified and approved users access to our directory. Unlike the past, our new directory is truly free–no strings attached–except about 5 minutes of your time to participate in a Church Survey and to send in a photo.

Our Church Survey, online and on paper, includes three sections:

Section 1-Information to be listed in our Pictorial Directory and information for Office use only. This section includes a release to include or exclude contact information from the Pictorial Directory. You will have the option to submit a photo of yourself for the directory after completing the survey. Photos may also be taken in the office on weekdays (Monday-Thursday, 9-3), or during Sunday Brunch in Fellowship Hall.  

Section 2-Confidential information for Office use only. This section requests demographic information such as your birthday, anniversary, membership date, etc. This information will only be used by the office staff and will not be shared in the directory. Its purpose is to better understand the demographic composition of our congregation.

Section 3-Time & Talent Survey: This information will be used to provide our ministries with information for later contact.

We sincerely hope our members and friends will participate in our Church Survey by October 31st. Our Pictorial Directory will be printed and available in November.

Paper copies of the Church Survey are available in the Library (outside office) and in Fellowship Hall, along with locked boxes for surveys to be submitted confidentially.  

Pr. Craig


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