September 19, 2018

Thank you!

Dear Members of First Congregational Church,

I want to thank my church family for all the prayers and support afforded me during my long battle with cancer, two years come December. Hopefully it comes to an end (the battle) September 20, 2018 with my last chemical infusion. The body continues to heal itself (this amazing apparatus that God has created) secondarily to the effects of the chemical therapy and the heavy toll it has taken on my very being. I look forward to sitting among you all in the pews to worship.

I want to say that the many aspects of service that FCC has to provide for its members are alive and thriving. I especially want to lift up and thank Pastor Michael for his many visits in the hospital, restorative care center, home visits and overall spiritual care and encouragement throughout my ordeal.

There are many members involved in service: Book Group (Kathy, Karen, Katy, Michael, Linda and Barb) – all its members weekly, Warm Fuzzies, Card Ministry, Nancy Lackey of our Altar Flowers, Michael Dyer who has provided transportation to Iowa City and all appointments around the Quad Cities and providing an ear to unload multitudes of thoughts and emotions-one could call it the extra mile, folks who have sent words of encouragement and prayers in card, emails, Facebook, and phone calls. Even members with their sharing of pets’ antics, vacation, and travels posting on Facebook giving me chuckles serve. There are members who have made visits and brought me flowers. Kristi Bailey provided me with scarves to lift my spirits and self-esteem when my hair started to depart my head. All of these services of caring and support go unheralded for the most part, and yet they all are creations that make our church what it is. The words “Thank you” do not come close to expressing my gratitude sufficiently and yet they will have to do.

We are all blessed to share in God’s grace and love. THANK YOU!

Carol A. Dyer

1 Comments on “Thank You!”

  1. You are an inspiration and set an example to many others. Your faith patience and inner strength are exemplary. We all miss you and look forward to the day we will see you in a church pews once more.

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