7th Avenue Gate

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Beginning on Monday, January 21st, we will begin using our 7th Ave. Gate.

parking lot map sateliteThe 7th Ave. Gate will be open on Wednesdays evenings, Sundays, and for special events. Access to the parking lot from 7th Ave. will otherwise be closed.  Access to our parking lot when the 7th Ave. Gate is closed will be from 6th Ave. and 22nd St.

The 7th Ave. Gate is essential to ensure safety caused by drive-through traffic and to decrease the costs of maintaining our parking lot. Over the last year, bridge construction and traffic rerouting has increased drive-through traffic and added the problem of heavy construction vehicles using our parking lot.  

We hope that our gate schedule will allow our members to access our lot for its intended purpose: to support the life and work of the congregation.  

The 7th Ave. Gate will be open on Wednesdays for our Bible Study Group, Book Group, Warm Fuzzies, and our Choirs.  It will be open on Sunday mornings for worship. The 7th Ave. Gate will also be open for funerals, weddings, and special events such as the monthly meeting of the Mississippi Valley Quilters.  

We will all be challenged by this change because many us enter the parking lot by 7th Ave. every time we come to church, but the cost savings and safety of our members make this change worth the trouble it may cause.

Pr. Craig

Gate Schedule:

The Gate will be open on the following days & for special events.

  • Sundays
  • Wednesday Evenings
  • Special Events