Council: Congregational Update

Dear Congregation,

We are temporarily suspending our Live@FCC streaming of Sunday worship services to allow us to address copyright and privacy issues. We regret the disruption of providing ways for our shut-ins, snowbirds, and travelers to join us on-line, but we agree it is vital to abide by copyright laws and are committed to honoring privacy concerns. We also recognize the potential for live streaming to serve as a source of outreach.

Council welcomes any feedback our members can provide as we consider these important matters. We will respectfully review these issues after Easter and report back to the congregation as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we seek how to honor all concerns as we move forward together as a congregation.

Church Council

Mary Newcomb, Moderator; Wes Llewellyn Vice-Moderator; Heather Carlson, Church Clerk; Audra Bailey; Desiree Grace; Sara Wynn, Outreach and Mission; Nancy Lackey, Spiritual Engagement; Amanda Beck, Christian Education; Josh Dyer, Building and Finance

2 Comments on “Council: Congregational Update”

    • Live streaming is currently suspended; Palm Sunday and Easter services will not be live streamed. Council is gathering information and will hold a special meeting to decide how best to move forward.

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