Council: Congregational Update

Similar to the Commandment which calls for us to “Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy,” churches have established sabbaticals as a time for Pastors to take extended time away from church duties for a period of spiritual study and renewal.   Call Agreements for settled pastors typically include an opportunity for sabbatical after a set period of service.  Our agreement with Pastor Craig is no exception.  His Call Agreement provides for a three month sabbatical after five years of service, which began October 2014.  The Agreement also specifies a one year planning period prior to sabbatical and a minimum of one year of service after sabbatical.

On March 12, your Church Council approved a sabbatical for Pastor Craig.  It is tentatively scheduled for the Summer of 2020.

A sabbatical committee will develop a plan to provide Pastor Craig with sabbatical time and assure ongoing pastoral care for our church.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Mary Newcomb. 

Church Council

Mary Newcomb, Moderator; Wes Llewellyn Vice-Moderator; Heather Carlson, Church Clerk; Audra Bailey; Desiree Grace; Sara Wynn, Outreach and Mission; Nancy Lackey, Spiritual Engagement; Amanda Beck, Christian Education; Josh Dyer, Building and Finance