Greetings friends and members:

Your church Council wants to inform you of a change our pastor’s schedule.  Pastor Michael is working a ten-month rather than a twelve-month contract.

There are many reasons for this; Mainly it enables Pastor Michael the opportunity to spend more time with his wife, Nancy who has a ten-month schedule.  Pastor Michael will have the months of June and July off. This serves as a good time from the church’s standpoint since activities tend to slow down a bit over the summer.  “When we were talking about budget last fall I thought of this as a win-win proposal. We get more family time together, and the church can reduce the budget,” says Pastor Michael

Pastor Michael and Nancy are off to Greece in June and early July, and then they are off to California.  If an emergency need arises and he is in town, he can be called upon if his schedule permits. Nevertheless, that is a pretty small window.

Your Council is happy for Pastor Michael and his family and feel this arrangement has far more positives than not.

Thank you,
Mary Newcomb, Moderator
Wes Llewellyn, Vice-moderator

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