Our Live@FCC ministry is making a new start.

Shortly before Easter, we suspended Live@FCC to allow us time to resolve copyright and privacy concerns.  

We have secured copyright licenses without increase to our music budget.  We can now live stream congregational singing, choir anthems, and special music.

Resolving privacy issues was a more complex matter, but we believe our three-part plan will honor the wishes of parents who do not want their children to be seen online without sacrificing our mission of sharing our worship services:

  1. Serving in Worship:  Those who lead us in worship, serving as Liturgists and Lectors, singing and ringing bells in our choirs, participate in a public ministry. These public ministries will be live streamed and posted to our church webpage. The public nature of this ministry will be included in the process we use to invite our members to serve in this capacity.  
  2. Children’s Time: During Children’s Time and when our Cherub Choir sings, we will continue to live stream and audio, but our video cameras will focus on the architectural beauty of our building such as our stained glass windows. We hope this approach will  allow us to share the life and joy of our children, which is such a vital part of our worship, while also honoring privacy concerns.
  3. Congregation:  To honor privacy concerns and to invite the congregation to actively participate in this outreach opportunity, we have removed one pew to create a private area in our sanctuary. This change offers the additional benefit of extending the side aisle on both seating sections.  Our members, and especially our guests, may sit behind the side aisle, and we will invite those who wish to support the outreach potential of Live@FCC to sit in front of the side aisle.

We see Live@FCC as a developing ministry, recognizing that further changes may be required as we move forward.  We are grateful for those who shared their privacy concerns with us, and also for those who told us Live@FCC allows them to feel connected though they are physically or geographically unable to be with us in worship.  We pray that our plan to honor privacy concerns, neither sacrificing the needs of our shut-ins and snowbirds nor the outreach potential of this ministry, will help us to grow into the future God promises us.


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