Vacation Bible School 2019

Well…VBS is a wrap!! What an awesome week celebrating God’s Goodness! Ninety-six registered campers spent time last week at FCC playing, learning, singing and dancing. We have discovered ninety-five campers is the maximum our spaces can hold and our volunteer resources can manage, but how could we possibly turn down any child who wants to worship and learn during VBS week! I will continue to find ways to ensure FCC offers a fabulous VBS experience to all who want to attend, and what a great challenge to have…God is Good! 

Thank you to all who sponsored-a-camper this year! Thirty-two campers and $1600 were raised. 

As usual, I am most proud of our teen helpers, who give their time, patience, and care to children at VBS. 

Junior Counselors 2019

A BIG thank you to all of those who serve with VBS! Without your time and care, VBS would not be possible:

Christine Nelson, Dawn Ramos, Annika Tunberg, DeAnna Wennekamp, Amanda Peterson and Red Wagon teachers, Kristi Bailey, Dixie Duckett, Jan Parsons, Ginny Larsen, Lois Wadsworth, Lucy Manis, Heather Carlson, Mary Newcomb, Ann Millman, Carolin Hohensee, Cliff Carlson, Bill Johnson, Rachel Sommers, Jeff Griffith, Mike Bealer, Lauren Fulscher, Amanda Beck, Angie Suman, Alex Wandrey, Kelly Powell, Lauren Powell, Tami Cady, Steve Schippers, Kim Fuller, Aubrey Meers, Sara Wynn, Emilia Deem, Tiffany Denys, Audra Bailey, Wes Lewellyn, Angie Suman

Life is Wild, God is Good!
Becca Peterson
Director of Family Ministry