Dear First Congregational Members:

Your church council is dedicated to communicating with our members to the best of our ability.   We want you to be as informed as possible and to also make sure there is transparency in what is discussed and covered at each monthly meeting.  It is our hope this effort will help to eliminate possible misunderstandings, while promoting a sense of inclusion by keeping you updated in decisions and activities.  Consequently, it is our intention to provide the congregation with highlights of our meetings and to offer that information in a timely manner after each meeting. 

Highlights from August’s meeting were:

  • The upcoming church calendar for the remainder of this year and in to 2020 was reviewed.  A vibrant and well-structured calendar is in place. Our church staff’s contribution was recognized and appreciated.
  • Our year-to-date pledge income is down from budgeted projections, however so are expenses.
  • Council in the process of forming a current nominating committee, as well as a sabbatical committee.  Pastor Craig will be taking his sabbatical during the summer of 2020. The sabbatical committee will be formed to make his time away from us run smoothly, and to anticipate the church’s needs ahead of time.
  • Two policies were approved, one defining the role of BF with changes to church property, one defining Financial Processing of deposits and disbursements of funds.  
  • The budget process used over the past several years was reviewed and discussed, and the Council invited the BF board to play a stronger role in the process this year.
  • A capital appeal committee has been formed and has met.  This committee is working on a theme and calendar.
  • Oktoberfest activity plans are well underway.  This event is scheduled to take place September 28th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.  There will be live entertainment, along with food and drink.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the FCC Council members.

Mary Newcomb, Moderator | Wes Llewellyn, Vice-Moderator | Heather Carlson, Clerk | Audra Bailey, At-Large | Desiree Grace, At-Large | Joshua Dyer, Building & Finance | Sara Wynn, Outreach & Mission |Amanda Beck, Christian Education | Nancy Lackey, Spiritual Engagement

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