Did you notice that we did not have an annual stewardship campaign this year?

A little over a year ago, we hired a consultant to visit the church and write a Health Check Report (fccmoline.org/healthcheck). This report compares our congregation to growing and vital congregations, highlighting the good things we are doing and identifying changes we need to make.  The report concluded with a list of recommendations that Council has been addressing this year.  

One of the key areas focused on our stewardship practices and included the following recommendations:

  • Create a year-round Christian education program for all ages on generous living as a core Christian value.
  • Transition away from annual pledges and expend the same effort throughout the year on encouraging automatic recurring giving. The goal is to convince 80 percent of the congregation to become automatic recurring givers.
  • Separate the budgeting process from the stewardship process. Supporting an institutional budget should not be the reason we expect people to be generous. When the budget is presented to the congregation, describe all expenses in terms of ministry support with specific mission-focused goals for the future. Celebrate past achievements and what you’re planning next.
  • Augment the website, add pew envelopes and other support collateral to inspire generosity and promote automatic recurring gifts.

This year, we are unlinking the stewardship and budgeting processes.  Next year during Lent, we will begin our effort to develop a year-round program focused on the spirituality of giving and generous living as central to who we are as Christians. 

As we transition toward healthy and vital stewardship practices, we encourage the congregation to: 

  1. Please continue your generous support of our worship, ministries, and mission.
  2. Consider increasing your pledge amount for the upcoming year.
  3. Become an automatic recurring giver by contacting Jennifer Dailing in the office.
  4. Pray for our congregation as we seek to live generous lives. 

Your Church Council

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