We have an exciting change in youth groups for the New Year….an exclusively High School Youth Group! This group will meet once a month on a Friday for dinner or coffee or whatever strikes the mood! The Youth Leaders continually rethink our youth group…what works, what doesn’t work. What the youth like, what they don’t like. We are hoping this is a “sweet spot” for the High School group, between interest and age levels, and to fit their busy teen schedules. 

The Junior Youth Group will continue to meet as usual and will include youth 4th-8th grades. This is a fun bunch of kids who love to gather once a month for games and outings, as well as service projects scattered in between.

We will continue to hold some events as ALL Youth Groups, gathering all of our youth grades 4-12 for fun and service projects. Some upcoming ALL Youth Group events are: 

  • Valentine’s Dinner Theater serving, February 9th 5 pm 
  •  Snow Star Andalusia, February 22nd 
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