Are you aware that our church is home to one of the top preschools of the Quad Cities? Red Wagon was originally founded as an outreach of the church as a way to spread God’s love to our community’s children. It is now a premiere place to get children ready for kindergarten. Our family has experienced this three times over. 

Flexible Schedule – Red Wagon offers a rare flexibility. Families choose to go 3, 4, or 5 days a week. They can choose to go for just the preschool program in the morning, or attend all day, which is perfect for families with two working parents who are not able to pick their child up from school in the middle of the day. 

The other unique aspect of Red Wagon’s flexibility is the ability to change the schedule. Our children attended three mornings a week. However, we were able to do things like, let them stay for lunch with their friends, or stay all day because we were unable to get them in the middle of the day, or change the day of the week they attended if they were sick on their usual day. Other preschools do not let kids make up a day if they miss one, and require payment for the missed day Red Wagon works with families.

Small Class Sizes – Class sizes at Red Wagon do not ever exceed 8, however, are often closer to 4-6 children. Because of this class size teachers are able to get to know their students better. The teachers we’ve had at Red Wagon hold very special places in our hearts. The small classes also allow the children to get to know each other better. Our 9-year-old, 7-year-old, and 5-year-old all still maintain friendships that began while at Red Wagon.

Kindergarten Readiness – All three of our children were very prepared for kindergarten. They were not only prepared academically knowing their letters, numbers, phone numbers, etc. but they had experienced the structure of a class and knew how to follow school rules and a schedule. The ability to function within a school setting was not something I could have taught at home. The teachers at Red Wagon have a wonderful ability to be firm and yet loving with 3 and 4-year-olds to teach them all the necessary skills to succeed in the classroom.

The next time you make a donation to the church, please consider contributing to the Nicole Miller Smith Scholarship Fund for Red Wagon, It could change the life of a lucky child in our community. 

We cannot put into words how much Red Wagon impacted our family for the better. They were a constant support system for us. All 3 of our children are thriving in school thanks to the wonderful start they received. Our children are very fortunate to have received their Red Wagon education and that we were able to financially afford it. Wouldn’t it be nice to help a child less fortunate receive that gift of early education?

Emilia Deem
Member of FCC, Parent of 3 Red Wagon Graduates

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