Stopping church activities in our building does not mean we stop being a church.  Now is the time for us to respond in faith:

Kids: Remember our Lenten Practice

  • Find some sunshine and quiet and say or think our Lenten Prayer: Give me a Clean Heart, O God, and Renew a right Spirit within me.  
  • Let others go first; take the smaller portion; give the best to others.
  • Help without being asked; do kind and good things for others.  


Leaders: Prepare to Work Together

Let’s all pray for one another as we find ways to prepare for the glorious time when we can meet again as a congregation.

1 Comments on “Tower: Responding In Faith”

  1. Kim Dyer told me the Girl Scouts in Rachel’s troop are making cards for the elderly. Contact her for more info. She needed my mother’s last name. Isn’t that nice!

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