Palm Parade Drive Through
Sunday April 5th, NOON

Enter by 7th Ave apx 12:05–when gate opens.
Keep Social Distance on Drive Through.
Drive Through to North Door. Stop.
Drop off Hearts, DIY Pledges, Checks, Prayers, Kinds Words.
Exit 6th Ave.

Palm Sunday 2020  There is a lot going on this Sunday. We hope you will not only join us for FCCLive at 10:00am this Sunday, April 5th, but that you will share the good news with others. We had several hundred people worshiping with us last Sunday. Now is a good time to share our church with our circle of friends.  

  • Children’s Time: Maureen Holmes and Audra Bailey teach our children a new song. Everyone is encouraged to make their own Palms to celebrate with us.  Pr. Craig and Audra lead a Palm Parade in our sanctuary–we hope you will parade with us in your own homes.
  • Special Music:  Gail Glockhoff-Long, our Campanella Bell Choir Director, plays a bell solo for us. You will wonder if she has more than two arms :-).
  • Offering:  During our offering, inspire us when we most need it.  On Facebook and YouTube, share photos, favorite resources, your most cherished words. We look forward to how you are responding with creativity and imagination to this pandemic (Pr. Craig will share some images to share during his sermon :-). 
  • Holy Communion:  Celebrate Holy Communion with us in your home.  Any surface will work as a table. Use whatever elements–bread and wine–you have in your home.  By celebrating together while we are apart, we prepare for the day when we will be together in our sanctuary and hear again the ancient words, “Come, for all things are ready.” 
  • Palm Sunday Drive Through Parade:  See our goofy video for details.  We must all follow these rules to keep us safe:
  1. Enter by 7th Ave apx 12:05–when gate opens.
  2. Keep Social Distance on Drive Through.
  3. Drive Through to North Door. Stop.
  5. Drop off Hearts, DIY Pledges, Checks, Prayers, Kinds Words.
  6. Exit 6th Ave.
  • Generosity: Thank you for your extraordinary generosity.  This week, we received over $18,000 in contributions.  We are so very grateful for your help in this time of crisis, when the ministries of our congregation are most needed.  We have updated our online giving page and encourage you all to adjust to the needs of this moment and sign up for online giving. You have complete control; you can choose to give through your checking account, a credit or debit card.  You are able to pledge (set up a recurring gift) or give a one-time offering. Our bookkeeper, Jennifer Dialing (309-762-0787; will return to the office, Mon-Thurs, 9-2, to answer questions and offer help:
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