The Tower: Moving Forward with the Endowment Funds and Management

Dear Members:

As you may recall, at our annual meeting in February we voted to form a committee to explore additional possibilities in the handling of our endowment funds.  You now have an opportunity to get involved in this process!

In the link provided you will notice a couple buttons.  One button allows for you to nominate members to serve on the soon-to-be-formed endowment committee.  The other button allows you to recommend financial firms to handle our accounts.  We will gather this information and report back to you with what the results/findings are from this survey.  

Please review this and take a moment to share your input by May 31, 2020.  Also, feel free to contact either of us should you have further questions.

Endowment Survey is now closed.

Thanks to all,
Wes Llewellyn & Audra Bailey

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