Looking Forward to the New “Normal”

Greetings friends.  I just sat in on an extremely informative and uplifting webinar hosted by Marcia Erickson, action coach.  If you get a chance to watch it, I would highly recommend it.  It was sponsored by the Quad City Chamber. 

What this message clearly states is we are going to get through this and in many ways we will be better for it.  I am amazed at how creative and resilient our Country is.  People stepping up in all walks of life.  We have come to realize that EVERYONE plays a significant role in how this plays out.  From the front-line professionals whose dedication is beyond words to the restaurant server.  If there ever was a time for empathy, love and an appreciation for each other, it is now. That’s not so bad is it?

Then there are our great companies; Ford and GM for example.  Almost overnight they converted automobile plants to mass-produce the highly needed ventilators.  How about the pharma company Gilead who is making significant strides in coming up with a remedy to the virus.  Companies are now coming to realize their capabilities….what they can and cannot do.  So will we.

Marcia’s seminar included a five step sequence in reopening and recovery.  Of course, each business will approach their opening differently.  How will we do ours?  We are working on it and will continue to do so.  Our church staff is keeping the church clean and sanitized.  We will have sanitizers about the church along with disposable gloves.  Masks are being made and worn.  What else should we be planning for?  Some of the grocery stores now have one-way arrows on each aisle.  Is that something for us to consider?  Do we put markers down to indicate six feet of distance?  How do we want to configure the pews?  Can families sit together or do we maintain our social distance?  We don’t know all the answers, but I have every confidence we will figure it out.  It may not be perfect at first but we will get there.  My money is on us.

During the webinar, newish words were used such as “the new normal” and doing things in stages or “phases.”  I like those terms and it seems prudent to realize that we do not need to or should we rush this progression.  We will figure it out.

In closing, I encourage us all not to look at our situation as one of despair or futility.  Rather, let’s look at this as a new beginning and an opportunity to share God’s love and each other with gratitude and compassion.

We are FCC and I am honored to serve as co-moderator
Wes Llewellyn

4 Comments on “The Tower: Looking forward to the new “normal””

  1. Thank you for your positive approach and sharing the concept abusing steps or phases to get to our end goal . There are many resources right here in the Quad Cities, probably Churches United and the United Way what’s the organization provided the initial input you described. You are right. I truly believe we will be better as a church and as individuals have a gun through this challenging. Of time. We can do it!

    Remember the little red engine? I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. And he did.

    Blessings for your leadership.

    • thanks so much. I am not surprised you were the first to respond. 🙂 All good. I know it makes you feel better to express your feelings in writing and in this case it made me feel a lot better too. We are such social beings and these conditions we find ourselves in is a challenge, not doubt about it. I like your red engine analogy….or should it be a red wagon? Please give Mr. Don a hug from us all. Wishing you well and expressing thanks for your kind message.

  2. I don’t see any reason for people living in the same household to “social distance” in church. Perhaps every other pew could be used. Tape off pews not in use. People could be asked to sit at the ends of the pews, not the center. Would this give us enough seating? Masks?? Choir seating? Kid’s time, none going forward? Communion? No passing of offering. No touching passing of the peace, Namaste, instead, or make a heart with your hands, etc. Blots to think about. But, you can do it!

  3. Thanks Shirley. I talked to Maureen and she has attended some non-line conferences for teacher’s and vocalists in the music field. We won’t be singing for a while, sadly. The projection of the voice causes an enhanced vulnerability and you can’t sing with a mask on. At this time, not even the “do drop in” choir in the summer. You are right….we will get through this and there is much to be grateful for and to give thanks. I think we need to cheer up. Also….getting back up and running on whatever level that might be will take a team effort. Something I look forward to.