Sponsoring World Relief Food Pantry

First Congregational Church will sponsor the monthly food pantry at World Relief of Quad Cities on Monday, July 13.  Our Outreach and Missions committee, along with the Youth Group and the church Garden growers will work together on this effort.  Laura Fontaine, director of World Relief asked us to take a month.  And on faith we said “yes.”  Please help our church underwrite the day.  Our goal is $850 and we have about $300 so far.

“First Congregational Church has been a wonderful partner in our food pantry and we are grateful that you will be helping again this summer.”

Laura Fontaine, director of World Relief

World Relief has a monthly food pantry targeted to the needs of refugees and immigrants from other countries and choose foods that remind them of home.  Folks from other nations include more fresh vegetables in their meals than many in the United States.  Last summer the church garden featured eggplants common to Burma that got an enthusiastic response.  The planting this year is also done with the World Relief constituents in mind.  We hope to have some garden produce already available on July 13.

Outreach and Mission is inviting money contributions to help purchase food for the pantry for July.  The target is $850.00.  Make your check payable to First Congregational UCC and put “WR food pantry” in the memo line. If you would like to contribute online, click here or the Donate buttons below. Deadline to submit donations is July 12th.

Volunteers from First Congregational may be able to assist the food pantry in-person on July 13, if conditions allow.  Keep tuned for updated information.  Our church has done a number of projects with World Relief in the past, including the fall coat drive, fresh vegetables from our Community Garden and a youth group project of meeting with a refugee family.

Note:  If you are putting in a garden at your home and have a spot for some exotic plant to benefit the World Relief get in touch with Steve.  We will have seedlings available and the plants are pretty hardy.  Schippersstevenc@gmail.com