Technicians arrived from Bovard Stained Glass Studios on a rainy Tuesday after
Labor Day to begin completion of the last phase of the “Let Light Shine” windows
project here at First Church. Fortunately, most of the work was inside. They are
removing the narrow stained glass windows from either side of the chancel to
take them to their studio to be rebuilt.

Fortunately, the new glass coverings are already in place, so no rain came in. In
the empty space they will install insulation and Masonite, so that there is not a
flood of light in the chancel.

“It is wonderful to see this final phase of work begin,” says Wes Llewellyn, past
Moderator. “We certainly did not want to put this off any longer; we are doing the
job right and we should be good for 50 years!”

It will take some time to get the work completed on these medallion patterns in
the windows. We will receive word soon about a completion date.

“There is still time to make a donation for the project,” says Wes. “We have
made good progress and I am grateful for the loyal efforts of our congregation.”

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