Thank you Mobile Food Pantry Volunteers!

On Saturday September 19th, First Congregational United Church of Christ volunteers assisted with the RiverBend Mobile Food Pantry. Thank you to the amazing team of volunteers that made this possible!

Thank you!!

Cliff Carlson, Heather Carlson, Mary Curry, Mike DeToye, Maggie Driscol, Michael Dyer, Ann Marie Figura, Wes Llewellyn, Lucy Manis, Jeff Newcomb, Mary Newcomb, Bruce Noring, Dustin Peterson, Abe Peterson, John Riley, Steve Schippers, Linda Shearer, Toni Stotts, Jim Summers, Rev. Michael Swartz, Pam Wendt, Careyna Wennekamp, Sara Wynn, Zach Wynn, Brendan Young

2 Comments on “Thank you Mobile Food Pantry volunteers!”

  1. Hey Skip… took some terrific pictures. You ran a pretty darn good show. Wes

    • Thanks to Linda S for some great pictures also, Once again the congregation pulled together to make quick work of what might have seemed daunting. We served 115 cars in less than 45 minutes. And we certainly could not have done it without the yeoman work of the two volunteers directing traffic to the exit.

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