The Community Garden at FCC had a really good year.  We grew tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, a few volunteer carrots along with two unusual varieties of eggplant, one favored by folks from Africa, and another by the Burmese community.  There was good growth this year, and the garden was more productive  with additional bed-boxes and more plants.  With frost on the way the garden beds have been cleared out and the plants hauled away.

Starting in July we harvested about every other week, and then weekly in August-October.  Most of the harvest went to World Relief, for both their monthly food pantry, and also to have at the office for distribution between food pantry days.  When FCC had its mobile food pantry some produce from the garden was given out.  We also shared with the Church of Peace food pantry on one occasion. 

Special thanks to:  Pastor Michael and Steve Schippers for setting up water reservoir, and to Dave Geenen for locating two additional large water tanks. Kimberly and Joshua Dyer for setting up irrigation hose.  Kimberly and Linda Shearer for starting seedlings and planting.  Charles Curry, Steve and Joshua for putting the additional boxes in place.  Charles, Linda & Don Shearer, Carol Freeman and the Dyer family, including daughters, for watering and harvesting and delivering.  Steve has a truck and helped in many ways, including hauling away plant debris. Much more of the management was done online this year as gathering together was less advisable.

Pastor Michael