This Sunday, November 8, is our Stewardship Sunday.  We will receive the Estimate of Giving response forms for next year along with the Time and Talent survey.  These pages show our intention to make a positive difference in the life of our church.  Please make every effort to complete these forms and mail them to the church office.  

The third grade children who are on that day receiving their Bible from the church will carry the Giving Estimate Cards in the offering plates forward to the altar where they will be presented and blessed.  

In case you missed it, this past Sunday we continued on with week 3 our 2021 stewardship campaign, Opening Doors to Faith! Click the “Opening Doors to Faith” button below to access the links for stewardship 2021 including Time & Talent Survey, 2021 Estimate of Giving Form, and sign up for online giving. Thank you Brad Dye for sharing your testimony this past Sunday!

Click here to access 2021 Stewardship materials!