Each year during December, in preparation for Christmas, the Giving Tree arrives in our library so together we can share the light of Christ with our neighbors. As with most things in 2020, the Giving Tree will look different this year, but the mission remains the same.  You are invited to select a name tag from the online Giving Tree form, purchase items on the tag, and return the gifts in gift bags (unwrapped) to the church. What a great way to spread the Holiday spirit!  The Giving Tree is sponsored by our Outreach and Mission Board. Click the Sign Up button below so select your name below-make sure to complete the entire sign-up process. 

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Delivery Drop Off Instructions:
Please return your gifts by December 8th in a gift bag (do not wrap).  Be sure to label your gift with the number, organization, and recipient name.

  • Drop off times: Sunday December 6th 11:30a-1p, Monday December 7th 11:30a-1p, 6p-7:30p, Tuesday December 8th 11:30a-1p, 6p-7:30p.
  • The office staff is currently working remotely, but you can make an appointment to drop off gifts by emailing the office here.

***New this year – please return gifts in gift bags and NOT wrapped***

The organizations have asked for safety purposes that gifts be put in gift bags and NOT wrapped (we found out many of them unwrap the gifts to see what is inside before sending home with the recipients).  If you are looking to take multiple tags, please consider taking tags of siblings-they will be marked! Thank you!

Who are we serving?
We are sponsoring 4 organizations this year:  The ARC and Active Day names are adults, Jefferson names are preschool, and Logan names are elementary aged.