Wes Llewellyn, immediate past moderator, came by our church on Wednesday, December 9th to bid farewell to the technicians from Bovard Stained Glass after they installed the last two refurbished panels of windows on either side of the chancel.  “These are great guys from a great company,” said Wes, “but I hope we don’t see them again for another 40 years!”  (He had a twinkle in his eye.) 

You will recall that we began our “Let Light Shine” project to remove the plexiglas coverings of the windows which had frosted over and were occluding the light from revealing the deep beauty of the windows, and at the same time to install plate glass covering, repair any rot in the frames and generally to make sure the leaded glass panels were secure and in good shape. This is an effort to add to the beauty of the sanctuary and to offer God’s praise.  Such a project takes place about once in a generation or two.  It is a big deal and expensive.

The “Let Light Shine” project was successfully underwritten, completed and celebrated, and then we found out that we had these last two windows that needed serious attention and that there would be additional cost.  Well, this was a bit of an embarrassment to your church leadership, but Wes stepped up, took leadership and has successfully brought this project to a conclusion.  And it has been paid for.  Church members and friends have been consistently loyal and generous even in this difficult year.

“I am happy about this,” says Llewellyn, “but I am really ready to talk about something else.”

Pastor Michael
Associate Pastor

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