Updated February 11th, 2021

Moderator Early February Update

Dear Friends and Members of FCC,

As we approach our 2021 Annual Meeting, I wanted to touch base with you all on our tentative reopening plan and several informational events leading up to our Annual Meeting on February 28th.

You may recall completing a survey in December regarding your personal comfort level with returning to church in-person.  The results (93 responses) told Council that our members are pretty split on the choice, with slightly more individuals choosing to continue to stay at home.  Gathering this information was extremely helpful.  Additionally, Governor Pritzker has recently moved our Illinois region to Phase 4.  This is the phase Council originally designated as when we would reopen our building to 50 people maximum. 

Council has taken all of this into consideration and is tentatively planning to open the church building to a 50-person capacity for worship and other meetings starting Sunday, March 7th.  Please know that your experience in the building will look very different than what you were acclimated to pre-pandemic.  Council strongly encourages “high risk” individuals to continue worshipping online and participating in meetings via Zoom.  There are still many details to iron out, so I encourage you to contact me with any questions you might have as those questions can help ensure we have everything in place to keep us all safe.

Attached to this communication is our 2020 Annual Report!  A special “thank you” to our church leaders and office staff for compiling and assembling this very important document!  Members who do not have email will be receiving the document through regular mail, so please be looking for that in your mailbox soon!  Be sure to read through the report and reflect on the many wonderful things that have happened at FCC during such a “unique” year.  The Annual Report will also prepare you for our busy February Sunday events coming up:

  • 2/14, 9:00am – Endowment Committee Presentation
  • 2/21, 9:00am – Preliminary Information for Annual Meeting
  • 2/28, 9:00am – Celebrating 2020 with Pictures!  😀
  • 2/28, 11:15am – Annual Meeting

These events will take place via Zoom, so please be looking for information coming your way on how to participate (you will be sent a Zoom link to access each meeting on your computer/device).  I will also be reaching out to our members who do not use a computer to be sure they know they can participate in Zoom meetings through the phone.  It is important that everyone has the capability to join in during these events!

In conclusion, I want to thank you all for your continued prayers and patience for your church leadership as we navigate through the unknown…what a year it has been! 

Blessings to you all,

Audra Bailey, Moderator