Congrats Confirmation Class 2021

Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2021!

Plan to celebrate Pentecost and Confirmation Sunday with us outdoors in a special youth led service, May 23rd 10am. 

  • Bring your lawn chairs! 
  • No Registration is required
  • Bring your own bubbles and chalk to enjoy outdoor service

Since this will be an all outdoor service, there will be no FCCLive live stream on May 23rd and the FM transmission will not be available.

Confirmation Class 2021

Lucas Eaton is the son of Koann Eaton and Jeff Eaton and has two older sisters, Madeleine and Claire. He attends Wilson Middle School and participates in Cross Country and Track. Lucas likes sleeping, eating, and talking to friends. Lucas fished for the first time with the Confirmation Class last fall and prefers not to fish again in the future.

Carson Stickell is the son of Abby and Kevin Stickell and has a younger brother, Tyson. Carson is fourteen years old and in the 8th grade at John Deere Middle School. He enjoys playing baseball, swimming, fishing and video games. Carson has learned church boundaries looking for unique hiding places while playing sardines. 

Careyena Wennekamp is the daughter of DeAnna and Mike Wennekamp and has an older sister, Maya. She is in the 8th grade at Wilson Middle School and loves to play volleyball and hang out with her friends. Careyna is a gentle soul who has a gift in caring for younger children. Careyna’s favorite Youth Group activity is playing sardines in the church in the dark.

Zach Wynn is 14 years old and an 8th grader at John Deere Middle School. His parents are Sara and Shawn Wynn, and his siblings are A.J. and Charlotte Wynn. In his spare time, Zach likes playing baseball, basketball, and video games. He also enjoys fishing and hanging out with his friends. Zach has read in worship a few times and hopes the next time he reads it’s a shorter reading with easier words.