Updated April 30th, 2020 10:00 am

Dear FCC Members and Friends,

Due to the continued risk of the current pandemic, the state of Illinois will now be shut down through at least the end of May.  Because of this, First Congregational Church will be closed during this time as well.  Our plan is to continue to conduct our worship services for the month of May through FCCLive on Facebook and YouTube.  We will continue to weigh the notion of opening the church and plan to keep you posted on any developments.

Additionally due to our church’s closure, we will not have an “in-person” worship service on May 31st which happens to be Pastor Craig’s final Sunday with us.  This is not what we had in mind for his farewell, but we are working on a creative send-off which will be just as special!  More information on his farewell celebration will be coming soon!

We do want you to know that Council is doing their very best on your behalf as things unfold in this ongoing transition, and we plan to keep you well-informed during this difficult time.

Wes Llewellyn

Audra Bailey

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  1. We know and trust you will do your best! Please ask if we can help.

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