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Updated March 12th, 3:00 pm

Dear Friends,

News of the coronavirus is everywhere. Travel plans are being cancelled.  The stock markets around the world are registering uncertainty about the future. Schools and colleges in some states are closing. Even such large-scale events as March Madness are taking extreme precautions.

Whether the coronavirus will reach us here in the Quad Cities is yet unknown, but it is sure to affect our life as a church, so I want to offer four ways we can respond.

First, while we are all following the health advice of experts, we should remember our elder members, especially those living alone or in assisted care facilities.   Please pray for our elder members, send cards, pick-up the phone to say hello. The office is glad to help with contact information.  

Second, this Sunday will modify the way we “pass the peace.” This is one of our favorite parts of our worship service,  but we are all ready to adjust until we are past this difficult time. 

Third, we livestream our worship services on Facebook every Sunday, so it is easy to join us online when you are unable to be with us in the building. Simply search for FCCMoline on facebook to find our livestream.

Fourth, if you are unable to join us in worship, please continue to support our ministries by contributing online. This is an especially good time to become one of our Automatic Givers.  Visit for a variety of ways you can contribute to our ministries, including signing up to become an Automatic Giver when our ministries most need your support. 

The most repeated phrase Jesus says is Fear Not.  This is a good time for us to remember we have nothing to fear, even as we take precautions, exercise sound judgment, heed the advice of scientific experts, and support our ministries.

Yours in Christ,

Pr. Craig-Jan McMahon

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  1. We know and trust you will do your best! Please ask if we can help.

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