Updated May 13th, 2021

Bridge Phase Worship Update: Sunday May 16th, 2021!

Hello Friends,
I am so very pleased to share with you that, due to Governor Pritzker’s proclamation regarding Illinois’ move into “Bridge Phase” this Friday, First Congregational Church will be open to 75 people for worship starting on Sunday, May 16th!  Additionally, registration for attending worship will no longer be required.  Face masks and social distancing will still be enforced.  Worship hosts will also ask that you sign in before entering the sanctuary should the need for contact-tracing arise.  For those wanting to worship from home, FCClive will still be available on Facebook and YouTube!

Stay tuned for more information as the state of Illinois moves forward.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as your church council continues to discuss how to safely reopen our church for worship and other activities.


Audra Bailey

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  1. We know and trust you will do your best! Please ask if we can help.

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