Updated September 17th, 2020

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Dear FCC Members and Friends, 

Fall is upon us and in a typical year we would all be very much looking forward to all church activities and fellowship.  As you know, this is not a “typical” year.  The exciting news is that the church leadership has been working to still provide many of our fall activities and events in new, creative ways!  Here are just a few events coming up in the near future:

  • Confirmation – Started September 10th….in person!
  • Sunday School – Started September 13th…virtually!
  • Bible Study – Resumes September 16th…as a conference call!
  • Mobile Food Pantry – September 19th…in person!
  • Adult Forum – Starts September 20th…virtually!
  • Blessing of the Animals – October 4th…in our church parking lot!
  • Prayer Group & Warm Fuzzies will also be starting again!

You can keep up-to-date on all of these activities on our church website, The Tower e-newsletter & e-bridge, or simply call the church office.  Additionally, Council has approved small groups (10 people maximum) to begin meeting in the church again.  If your small group would like to meet at the church, please let the church office know so that appropriate scheduling and social distancing can be considered.  As always, masks are required while in the church building.  ☺

I wanted to also give you an update on the interim pastor search.  Associate Conference Minister, Kathy Lawes has been working to place an interim pastor in our church.  Originally, the timeline was to have everything in place by the beginning of fall.  However, due to the ongoing pandemic and small pool of applicants at this time, we are now looking at maybe the end of November. 

I had a lovely, socially-distanced meeting with a church member this past weekend.  I forgot how much I needed to see them!  Please reach out to each other during this strange time.  Send a card, make a phone call, leave some cookies on a doorstep, send a goofy text message….these are just a few ways we can remain connected.  We will be opening up to a larger capacity at some point, and that will be even better!

Audra Bailey

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  1. We know and trust you will do your best! Please ask if we can help.

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