Rooted in Love

Simplify Your Church Giving

By Bill Henning

If you listen to public radio, you might have heard them talk about becoming a Sustaining Member.  It means that the member authorizes their bank or management company to make recurring monthly charitable gifts from their checking account, a taxable brokerage account or a tax advantaged charitable giving account.  What works well for public radio also works well for you and your church!

*You can ask your financial institution to start monthly fulfillment of your pledge at any time, and the Building and Finance Board will work with you and your bank or investment adviser to set it up. You can stop the monthly fulfillment at any time.

*You avoid check writing, envelopes and stamps. And, a level monthly gift is easier for you and the church’s budget planning.

*You can set up the monthly gift to be sent as a check that you can personally put in the Sunday offering or have it mailed to the church as an ACH (Automated Clearing House) paperless transaction.