Board Nominations 2022

Dear Friends,

Nominating Committee has started to meet with the goal of filling seats on our church boards and Council. Each board consists of seven members who serve staggered 3-year terms. Church Council has nine members, the chairs of each of the boards and five at-large members. At-large members also serve staggered 3-year terms. Each board and Council tend to meet once a month.

We are calling attention to the need for board and Council members because in the past there seems to have been a feeling that this process is secretive and selective. A healthy church needs not only a financial commitment from its members, but also a time commitment. We appeal to you to consider nominating yourself or someone you know not only to continue the tradition of those who have served so well for so long, but also for you to become involved in the leadership of First Congregational Church. If you are completing your first 3-year term, you are eligible to serve another 3-year term if you feel so inclined. Please know that while all nominations will be considered, not all will be called to serve. Please contact one of the members of the Nominating Committee listed below if you are interested in serving or would like to nominate another church member to serve. We greatly appreciate your consideration during this important chapter in the life of our church.

With sincere thanks and warm regards,

Audra Bailey, Cliff Carlson, Carol Freeman, Wesley Llewellyn, Steve Schippers