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Thanks to all of you who joined us last Sunday (April 3rd) for our congregational meeting and discussion.  The following is an update of what happened and what our next steps together will be.

At the meeting the congregation approved the new leadership structure as our model until the next annual meeting.  If you are unsure of what that is, check it out here (LINK). You also approved an endowment drawdown of $130,000 to cover our 2022 deficit.

Nearly 70 people joined us for lunch following worship.  That group had a great discussion about where we are on the congregational life cycle.  You can find that here (CONGREGATION) (LEADERS) It was agreed that we are at a crossroads and need to decide if:

  1.  It is time to recognize that this congregation is slowly declining and not sustainable in the long term if we continue business as usual.  We may choose to continue as usual until we can’t and then shut down.
  2. Or whether this congregation has the energy to literally start over.  

The immediate agreement was that drastic changes were needed if this congregation is going to survive into the future – but you want to try.  Our discussion then morphed into the pros and cons of such a restart.  Those are listed below.  


Our congregation needs to provide ministry that is important and relevant to the larger community in order to survive and live out our mission as disciples of Christ.  The group believes the best way to do this is a congregational restart.  The group made a list of the pros and cons of such a restart.


  • This will be hard with our older population and the amount of energy required
  • We will potentially lose some of the good things we love
  • It will be hard and time consuming
  • Members may not have the time to devote to the work (conflicts with other family activities for example)
  • Members may not want or be able to make this work a priority
  • The building and its cost will need to be dealt with 
  • Concern that we may not be able to move through the inevitable conflict to find synergy and alignment in how to move forward
  • The discomfort of change
  • It will require a hard look inward at our relationships, ministry, finances, etc.
  • Fear of the unknown
  • There will be loss
  • People will second guess leadership when it gets difficult
  • Potential negative impact on staff


  • Process could improve our internal communication
  • Increase staff engagement
  • It is an opportunity to shake off past “garbage”
  • Brings potential for growth
  • Teach us how to better manage conflict
  • God is with us
  • It gives us a fresh start
  • Opportunity to revitalize our facility and bring the community in
  • Potential improves recruitment
  • There may be financial resources available to help
  • Provides an opportunity for more synergy in the congregation
  • Opportunity to develop and maintain a clear mission in our community
  • Process brings more people together, hear everyone’s opinions

More information on next steps will be communicated soon.  The leadership circle appreciates your feedback.  Email Jeff Newcomb – jeff.newcomb@fccmoline.org or call the church office and we will put you in touch.

Leadership Circle