Summer Worship

Summer Worship

Summer naturally invites us to kick back a little, adjust for the heat a lot, and relax.  Summer worship can too!  

There are so many reasons to do worship a little differently in the summer:

  • attendance is always down and the huge sanctuary can feel empty, even on Sundays
  • we can worship in a more relaxed setting that allows for more fellowship 
  • we can dialogue together about the scripture and what it means for our interim time
  • you don’t have to get dressed up! (unless you want to, of course)
  • we can focus more on building community together
  • you can bring your coffee – or juice, or soda…
  • we’ll have special ways for children and youth to participate 
  • we can celebrate Communion every Sunday

Beginning July 3, we will gather for worship in the Fellowship Hall  at our regular time (yes we will still livestream!).  We will worship around the Word, around tables, and have the opportunity to discuss together how the scriptures are speaking to us. Our goal is to relax – into the Word, into each other, into fellowship with God.  Join us!

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