Accompanying this message you will find the information that will be discussed at our August Congregational Meetings on Sunday, August 14th and 28th at 11:15 am.  We hope you are able to take your time prior to the meeting to process this information and come prepared for the discussion.  More details coming soon. We strongly encourage you to attend in person, if possible. 


Scott Waletzko, Design Team & Leadership Circle (
Rev. Becky David, Interim Senior Pastor (

Sunday August 14th:

The Design Team will provide an update on what we see as 3 different directions to take. This will mostly be informational in preparation for the second meeting.

  1. Leave a Legacy – This way forward recognizes that:
    • We simply do not have the financial resources to continue ministry longer than five or six years into the future.
    • Closing FCC is not a failure but a recognition that its current ministry has run its full course, that it has been a great source of love and hope for over one hundred years, and that God is simply trying to do something new.
    • The goal is to retain outside help to assist us in closing gradually over the next 5-7 years and to intentionally focus our remaining resources on leaving a legacy in the community.
  2. Swirl – This way forward focuses to work on fixing the financials by finding small wins. The Design Team’s fear in this decision is that it will ultimately result in attrition of membership and mission.
  3. Massive Mission – The way forward is to go “all-in” on mission and ministry in the community with the hope that it might revitalize the congregation. This would require the congregation to:
    • Come to agreement about a new focus of ministry utilizing our best resources (food insecurity for example)
    • To withdraw money from the endowment to support this ministry and potentially a FT staff position to direct this effort

Once a decision is made the council will have enough of a direction to convene a committee to write the church profile.

Sunday August 28th:

After the informational discussion on August 14th.

  1. Recognition and appreciation of the Design Team and the work they have done on behalf of the congregation.
  2. Reach agreement on which of the three paths forward to take.
  3. Establish new teams as appropriate to implement the decision.
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