Summer Worship Reflections

Summer Worship Reflections – Part 4

Here’s What Folks Are Saying!

Summer worship has been a great source of fun and fellowship.  The feedback from those attending has been overwhelmingly positive.  I think part of what folks have enjoyed is the opportunity to talk together about the scripture and how it is speaking to FCC in this moment.

On July 24th the scripture was Genesis 18:1-15.   The discussion questions were:

  1. Has God ever surprised you or made something amazing happen you were not expecting?
    • Many of us have experienced God’s guidance, miracles.
    • Met a wonderful person who became their spouse.
    • Lost 7 large trees during a derecho but had no damage to their home or vehicle.
    • Survived many situations while living many places serving in the military
    • Survived a very serious illness during which many medical people made the right decisions to help. 

  2. What amazing things has God created or presented to or manifested for FCC?
    • Raising money for the windows
    • Growing food for World Relief
    • seat cushions
    • Church Generosity
    • Trying times have brought us closer
    • Beautiful sanctuary
    • Great Music
    • We have made connections during these summer services
    • Church has given opportunities to work with and be involved in the wider church of UCC. 
    • We have a beautiful building in which to worship but also struggle to keep up with the expenses
    • Felt this church helped to reconnect with faith after several years being away.
    • Friendships, social gatherings, family, 
    • Audras leaving, 
    • growth in membership, 
    • youth mission trips, 
    • food for the sick, 
    • funerals, 
    • new moms
    • built a CE wing, 
    • Red Wagon.

  3. What promises of God is FCC most in need of believing right now?
    • Believing in the direction and staying respectful.
    • The people! 
    • Need to stay God-centered
    • God is walking with us through all situations
    • Trust and obey
    • Helping us unify what the Churches theme should be. 
    • God promises “I will not leave you”, “I know the plans I have for you”
    • Our building is an obstacle
    • We need to be open and accept God’s plan
    • “Seek and you shall find”
    • “God is still working. God is with us.”
    • “God has a plan for us.”
    • “Be patient, trust in the Lord.”
    • We will survive but need to accept how it will be different

  4. What promises of God do you need to believe in right now?  What about FCC?