Summer Worship Reflections

Summer Worship Reflections – Part 6

Here’s What Folks Are Saying!

Summer worship has been a great source of fun and fellowship.  The feedback from those attending has been overwhelmingly positive.  I think part of what folks have enjoyed is the opportunity to talk together about the scripture and how it is speaking to FCC in this moment.
On Aug 7th  the scripture was Luke 14:15-24.   Here’s what folks noted about their conversation. Children’s responses are in blue

  1. What might the banquet of God look like in our time and place?
  • A big fancy feast with a load of people 
  • Our sanctuary filled with people. Everyone is invited, the tabled is never ending
  • Coffee and Donuts
  • Communion
  • Funeral Banquet 
  • Who are the people of our individual lives with whom we want a relationship?
  • We want to stay in our safe place – tend to shut people out
  • The Banquet of God is inclusive, not decisive 
  • We are invited to worship every Sunday
  • A banquet is more than food
  • People will make excuses for not attending
  1. What “banquet” is FCC being invited to?
  • We’re all fully participating in the work of the church
  • We take in all people
  • Worship
  • Gatherings either small or large
  • Banquet or mission
  • Everyone is invited! Be welcoming of others
  • Are we neighbors to our neighbor?
  • We should be inviting of  other churches to join us.
  • We are invited to the banquet of our future but we don’t know what will be served 
  • The future direction of the Church
  1. What does it look like to say “yes” to this feast?  To say “no”? 
  • Yes”:  to serve the community, “No”: We remain isolated 
  • “Yes” – To be open minded – & participate 
  • To invite others to worship
  • Having Faith
  •  “No” Giving up – walking away from our faith
  • “Yes”:  to serve the community
    “No”: We remain isolated 
  • We would invite homeless, refugees. Friends and Family
  • See our space as God’s Table 
  • “Yes” is a lot of work. We would have; Garb, Chinese, Pizza, Tacos, and Chicken, Pot luck style.
    “No” is no work But comes with emotional distress that we are not listening to God.