Summer Worship Reflections

Summer Worship Reflections – Part 7

Here’s What Folks Are Saying!

Summer worship has been a great source of fun and fellowship.  The feedback from those attending has been overwhelmingly positive.  I think part of what folks have enjoyed is the opportunity to talk together about the scripture and how it is speaking to FCC in this moment.

On Aug 14th  the scripture was Matthew 9:14-17.   Here’s what folks noted about their conversation. 

What within FCC constitutes “old wineskins” that may need to be let go in order to make room for something new?

  • What we did 30 years ago
  • In holding on to the way things were. Old habits
  • Let go of old attitudes and some objectives that are no longer relevant. We are not John Deere’s church anymore
  • “Unusual way” of worship.
  • Process/Construction
  • Is tradition serving a purpose. Who is it serving? Need balance between tradition and evolving
  • Old wiresking (traditions) may need to be put aside 
  • Not meeting needs of people
  • old form of worship, old hymns
  • Staffing and governance models
  • Building – its use, its needs
  • Structure of pastors, no moderator, running of council
  • Location of building
  • Tendency to stay within these walls rather then reach outside of them
  • Some of what we love most cliques, comfort with friend circles
  • Structure of staff
  • Large to small congregation – thinking big when feeling small
  • Be willing to change
  • Staff
  • Membership
  • Worship
  • People came to us – we are not use to going out and looking for people

What comes to mind when you think of “new wine” being poured into FCC? 

  • New missions
  • New ways of doing things
  • New events to say to community join us
  • Do baskets more than once a year
  • Someone to lead their ideas.
  • Host big events
  • Thoughtful discernment around new staffing
  • New enthusiasm and willingness to work
  • Agreeing on what the new wine is
  • Welcome and include the new members we accept a common guest seeking God’s will
  • New music
  • Everything old is new again
  • Younger generation. Give them the tools they need
  • New ideas. New structures of worship. Need to “open up” to see what new ideas and processes can be put in places
  • New wine/ideas can compliment what we already have in place
  • Ministry is changing. Possibly share the building with other congregations
  • Paid vocalist in choir
  • New wine will be here when..Deal with our struggle To pigeon-hole people, Continue to share on small groups, openness – literally open to community more often, leadership – fresh energy needed, step up- change up the ranks
  • Let go of “thats the way we’ve always done”
  • ONA
  • New pastors
  • Youth – Families “freshness” leadership change, hope, febreeze, looking outside the congregation

What container or wineskin needs to be created to hold this new wine?

  • Get bigger congregation
  • Thick skinned, strong, stable, understanding a transition, honest, open, exposed
  • A new building? Using this one differently
  • Let people know about us
  • Small group
  • Stay open to outside groups
  • Concerts, organizations, clubs
  • Make ourselves more information to service groups.
  • Communication amongst the congregation so all can understand the direction we are going together.
  • What is our goal? Try to make sure that everyone knows the goals
  • Written processes need to be created – ie, new constitution.
  • Don’t need to be a huge church to do great things
  • Talk to other churches that have been through splits or mergers
  • New settled pastor
  • Congregation agrees on job description for new pastor and new staffing structure
  • Focus on Christ 
  • Pastor = wineskin. When pastor leaves, we need to keep going
  • Online presence needs to be strong tended
  • Flexible worship