Christmas in September!

The Spiritual Engagement Board has been thinking of Christmas, even though it is September! Unfortunately it was discovered after last year the Christmas garlands and decor have livened our sanctuary for the last season. They were tattered and torn over many years of use and it is time to purchase new Christmas decor for the sanctuary.

Please consider sponsoring new Garland, Wreaths and a Christmas tree for our Sanctuary this holiday season:

  • Sponsor 1ft of Garland for $25 (suggested amount, 4ft of garland sponsored)
  • Sponsor 1ft of Christmas tree for $185
  • Sponsor 1 Large Wreath for $250

We know in this time of uncertainty, it may be hard to plan years into the future with investment in Christmas sanctuary decorations. However, it brings a smile to our face and a twinkle to our eyes imagining the warmth of the Christmas season, beautifully lit in the FCC Sanctuary. Please consider helping bring light and warmth to our sanctuary this Holiday season.


SE Board

Cella Armstrong
Mary Curry
Pam Wendt
Marcia Renaud
Shirley Morton
Nancy Henning
Becca Peterson

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