The Leadership Circle led an activity on 09Oct22 after worship that listed out various ideas for projects, missions, ambitions, and opportunities to make a difference.  The intent was to list out current activities and propose new activities.  In addition, we looked for volunteers to lead each specific activity, and looked for volunteers to help with each activity.  The lead is responsible for further defining the activity, recruiting help to lead if necessary, recruiting volunteers as needed, coordinating with and securing funding from either the appropriate board and council if necessary.  If there is not a lead, not enough volunteers, or lack of funding – it will not happen.  We are sharing the list of activities generated. 

  • If you are interested in volunteering to help or co-lead – and if there was a lead identified, please contact the lead named for that activity.  
  • If there is no lead identified and you are interested in leading or supporting, please reach out to Russ Armstrong – 
  • If this list overlaps with something already in place (leads or volunteers), please, contact Russ Armstrong –  so that we can align.  We are certain that there are others already working on some of these activities, but those in attendance on Sunday simply did not know.
  • If there are other ideas to be added to the list, please contact Russ Armstrong – 
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