The Giving Tree is now up! If you would like to participate please go up to the tree and take a tag. There is also an online sign-up list on the church website. If you receive the e-bridge there is a link included there. Once again, we ask that gifts be returned in gift bags and not wrapped (tissue paper in the gift bags is fine). If you take a tag from the tree, please remember to record it on the sign up sheet located by the tree, and use that as your gift tag. If you choose a gift from the digital list, please make sure the gift is clearly marked with the correct number, so we can properly tag it. Gifts will need to be returned by Sunday, December 11.

How to get involved?

  • Shop for Gifts
    – Check out a tag from the Christmas Giving Tree located in the Library or follow the link below.
  • – Shop for gifts
  • – Return gifts in gift bags and NOT wrapped by Sunday December 11th.
  • Sponsor a gift
    • Place your donation in the giving tree envelope found in the Bulletin on Sunday

***New this year – please return gifts in gift bags and NOT wrapped***

The organizations have asked for safety purposes that gifts be put in gift bags and NOT wrapped (we found out many of them unwrap the gifts to see what is inside before sending home with the recipients).  If you are looking to take multiple tags, please consider taking tags of siblings-they will be marked! Thank you!

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