October 13th | Noon-1pm

It’s that time of year again! Come celebrate the spooky season at FCC with costumes, lunch, bounce house, crafts, balloons artist, and lots of treats!

This is a super fun event each year, with FCC kids trick or treating in our parking lot, but instead of going door to door for treats, they walk “trunk to trunk” for treats! This year we are inviting neighborhood children to enjoy Trunk or Treat at FCC…so we need a LOT of trunks for kids to enjoy.


September 19, 2018

Thank you!

Dear Members of First Congregational Church,

I want to thank my church family for all the prayers and support afforded me during my long battle with cancer, two years come December. Hopefully it comes to an end (the battle) September 20, 2018 with my last chemical infusion. The body continues to heal itself (this amazing apparatus that God has created) secondarily to the effects of the chemical therapy and the heavy toll it has taken on my very being. I look forward to sitting among you all in the pews to worship.

I want to say that the many aspects of service that FCC has to provide for its members are alive and thriving. I especially want to lift up and thank Pastor Michael for his many visits in the hospital, restorative care center, home visits and overall spiritual care and encouragement throughout my ordeal.

There are many members involved in service: Book Group (Kathy, Karen, Katy, Michael, Linda and Barb) – all its members weekly, Warm Fuzzies, Card Ministry, Nancy Lackey of our Altar Flowers, Michael Dyer who has provided transportation to Iowa City and all appointments around the Quad Cities and providing an ear to unload multitudes of thoughts and emotions-one could call it the extra mile, folks who have sent words of encouragement and prayers in card, emails, Facebook, and phone calls. Even members with their sharing of pets’ antics, vacation, and travels posting on Facebook giving me chuckles serve. There are members who have made visits and brought me flowers. Kristi Bailey provided me with scarves to lift my spirits and self-esteem when my hair started to depart my head. All of these services of caring and support go unheralded for the most part, and yet they all are creations that make our church what it is. The words “Thank you” do not come close to expressing my gratitude sufficiently and yet they will have to do.

We are all blessed to share in God’s grace and love. THANK YOU!

Carol A. Dyer

Church Survey

They came promising a free family photo for every family and a free photo directory for the entire congregation. They set up their cameras and organized family poses against common backgrounds. Then came the sales pitch……

When the photographers came to our church, my mom got my sister and me some snappy new clothes and harassed our hair into compliance and lacquered it into submission. As our family drove to our appointment, my parents discussed their strategy for the sales pitch.

Times have changed. Our church office can now easily print our own pictorial directory and we have a mobile app to allow verified and approved users access to our directory. Unlike the past, our new directory is truly free–no strings attached–except about 5 minutes of your time to participate in a Church Survey and to send in a photo.

Our Church Survey, online and on paper, includes three sections:

Section 1-Information to be listed in our Pictorial Directory and information for Office use only. This section includes a release to include or exclude contact information from the Pictorial Directory. You will have the option to submit a photo of yourself for the directory after completing the survey. Photos may also be taken in the office on weekdays (Monday-Thursday, 9-3), or during Sunday Brunch in Fellowship Hall.  

Section 2-Confidential information for Office use only. This section requests demographic information such as your birthday, anniversary, membership date, etc. This information will only be used by the office staff and will not be shared in the directory. Its purpose is to better understand the demographic composition of our congregation.

Section 3-Time & Talent Survey: This information will be used to provide our ministries with information for later contact.

We sincerely hope our members and friends will participate in our Church Survey by October 31st. Our Pictorial Directory will be printed and available in November.

Paper copies of the Church Survey are available in the Library (outside office) and in Fellowship Hall, along with locked boxes for surveys to be submitted confidentially.  

Pr. Craig


Time Capsule September 9th + 16th, 2018

What an adventure it has been going back in time and seeing what life was like 100 years ago at First Congregational UCC Moline.

September 9th children and adults enjoyed Kick Off Sunday with food, games, bouncy house, meeting new Sunday School teachers and enjoying music from the Mossman Quintet during worship. But the highlight of the day was watching as stone masons cut away at the cornerstone to reveal the 100 year old Time Capsule and catching a peek inside at its contents.

Following a week of teasers on social media, on September 16th Sunday School families had a first look at what was found inside the Time Capsule. Old documents, a few old photos, builder’s certificate, old Sunday School books, church letters and so much more was revealed! Following worship all were invited to explore the display while enjoying FCC’s famous Sunday Brunch with an old fashioned ice cream social!

Want to catch a peak at the contents of the Time Capsule? Check out our photo gallery by clicking below!


Amanda Beck

During this mission I was lucky enough to work at Hearts and Horses. It was a week where children with disabilities came to horse camp. When you think of horse camp most people might think of working with horses, but here we mainly worked with eight amazing individuals. Each day we would start off by greeting them, taking them outside for an obstacle course then back inside for various activities. After lunch was when we took the children to ride the horses each day.  Each day I felt like I was beyond blessed to be able to just be there. These children made an impact on my life that I will never forget. The smiles, laughter, personalities and welcoming hearts are forever stamped on my heart. One week away from my everyday life and into a week of theirs was an experience I’ll never forget.


DeAnna Wennekamp, Nolan Wandry, Noah Suman

The location I worked with along with Nolan Wandrey and Noah Suman, was CASA of Larimer County-Harmony House. Harmony House provides a safe and home-like setting for supervised visitation for children and their non-custodial family members as well as a safe place for conflict-free exchanges for parents with shared custody. Harmony House allows families to enjoy meals together, play outside, work on art projects and continue making memories in a place that feels like home.

Our Crew helped ready the house for families who met there in the evenings.  The various tasks we did during the week was yard work (weeding, tree/bush trimming, raking etc.), cleaning and organizing cabinets and closets of toys, games, and puzzles.

The Mission trip gave me joy by seeing young children from our Church, working together and serving others and working with other children and adults they didn’t know from other Churches.

Alex Wandrey

Working with Elderhaus was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. It was so cool to work with these people. Definitely worth the 14 Hour drive. It was an interesting experience to work with people with dementia. It was an important contribution to the community.

Crew 2 (4)

September 22nd | Modern Woodmen Park


The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is having their annual 5K Walk to raise awareness about mental illness in the community and funds for ongoing programs in support of those with mental challenges and their families. Those who wish to walk should be at Modern Woodman at 9 am. Step off is at 9:30 am.  If you are unable to participate in the walk but would like to donate, you may do so by making a check to First Congregational Church and add in the memo “NAMI” or you can donate online.




On Saturday, September 29th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am we will host a “mobile food pantry” in our north parking lot.  Shoppers will be families in our neighborhood and families who use food pantries. The food will come from River Bend Food Bank.  (We may have donated some of it.) The workers will come from our congregation. Fifty people are needed to unload the truck, assist shoppers, and load food into cars.  Please join us! This is a chance to reach out (connect with shoppers), to work out (lifting, walking, pulling wagons), and to live out our faith.  Children are welcome to participate!


You and your family may participate by helping with set-up, distribution, or clean-up, or help with all three tasks:

9:30 am – 10:00 am   Set-up

10:00 am – 11:00 am  Distribution

11:00 am – 12:00 pm Clean-up


Kick Off Sunday | September 9th, 2018

Join us in celebration as we begin another Christian Education, Music, and Fellowship year on Sunday September 9th! There are LOTS of new things to be excited about at FCC…

Sunday School at 9am will debut a new “Rotation Model,” as FCC Kids will study the Bible through cooking, art, and science…what fun! Confirmation and a new High School discussion style class will also begin at this time. And adult Bible study resumes in the parlor led by Dan Hill.

sunday school 2

Worship will include the joyful sounds of The Mossman Quintet. 

And the annual Kick Off Cookout and Party will follow at 11am!

And lets not forget, the 100 year Time Capsule will be removed on this date as well. For more information about the Time Capsule click here!

time campsule building

Don’t miss any of the fun!

Sunday School Growth and Ministry Support Needed

The Sunday School of FCC has seen wonderful activity and growth in recent years. The boundless nurturing, love, and time of our caring Sunday School teachers and shepherds can be measured in actual number: in 2015 forty-one children and youth actively attended Sunday School, in 2016 forty-four children and youth actively attended Sunday School, in 2017 forty-nine, and this year’s Sunday School class the projected 2018 lists includes 57 actively attending children and youth!! Subsequently, new classes have been added to meet the growing spiritual needs of our children and youth.

sunday school 1

With this joyful growth in numbers, comes an urgent need: In order to continue to care for and nurture the children of FCC, we need MORE MINISTRY SUPPORT as teachers and shepherds! If you can offer one Sunday a month to the children of FCC, that’s wonderful! If you can offer two Sundays a month to the children of FCC, even better! Please consider giving your time to the children of FCC…email Becca becca@fccmoline.org

Time Capsule

One-hundred years ago, when our building was officially dedicated, the congregation installed a time capsule in our cornerstone.  Mrs. Maria Dimock, the only living charter member of the church, placed a copper box in the cornerstone. She was assisted by Mrs. Elizabeth Head, youngest daughter of the first pastor, Rev. Hitchcock, and by Mrs. Dimock’s five-year old great granddaughter. 

The contents placed in the copper box reflected the history of the congregation and its position in the local community.  Church records tell us the time capsule contains a directory of the current church, manuals and lists from years past, current newspapers, Sunday School rosters, original church documents of 1844 founding of the congregation, and historical reflections on the life of the congregation in Moline.  

While we expect our records of time capsule contents to be incomplete and partial, what is contained in the time capsule and what survived a century stored in a copper box will soon be revealed.

On September 9th, the congregation will extract the time capsule.  The church will gather immediately following worship, at approximately 11:00 am, to watch as stonemasons cut away the mortar of our cornerstone. We expect the documents to be fragile, so on this day we will only look at the copper box and peer inside to see its contents.  

In the following days, we will digitize the documents and share them via social media. Then, on September 16th, the original documents will be displayed in our Fellowship Hall. We are developing programming for our Sunday Schoolers to explore the documents and learn about the history and ministry of the congregation.  The documents will remain on display the following week, through September 23rd, with time for the community to view these historic documents on weekdays.

We are grateful to the generous and faithful people who built our lovely building and for the worship and ministry that has flowed from our building and into our community and the world. Their generosity and faithfulness helps us to imagine what we will leave as a legacy for the generations which follow, and what we will put into a time capsule of our own to be extracted by the congregation in 2118.