Dear FCC Member, 

We have scheduled a congregational meeting for August 28th after our church service.  Our design team has met over the last few months to research the best options for FCC moving forward.  The congregation met on August 14th to discuss the options that came out of the design team and they are included with this communication.  It is now time for us to choose.  We will be voting on these options on August 28th.  The consequence of this vote cannot be overstated.  We will be deciding the future of FCC, and we would like to have the most representative group of our congregation possible.  Please make every effort to attend.  Votes will only be accepted from those attending in-person and online through our livestream. 

By selecting one of these three options, the Congregation will be ready to take the next step in calling a pastor.  This decision will provide a direction for our church’s future and clarify what type of pastor we will call.  Under each option, we will continue to look for ways to reduce spending and increase revenue.  Our congregation will also work over the following few weeks to plan the chosen option in more detail.

Option 1 – Leave a Legacy (Search for Pastor with training in Leaving a Legacy)

What this is:  This way forward recognizes that we simply do not have the financial resources to continue ministry longer than five or six years into the future.​ Closing FCC is not a failure but a recognition that its current ministry has run its full course, that it has been a great source of love and hope for over one hundred years, and that God is simply trying to do something new. ​The goal is to retain outside help to assist us in closing gradually over the next 5-7 years and to intentionally focus our remaining resources on leaving a legacy in the community.

Potential Consequences and Next Steps:

  • Keep doing what we’re doing, less focusing a lot of energy on financial.
  • Continue to understand financials and better understand what closing means, and how to do it intentionally and with grace.
Option 2 – Swirl (Search for Pastor while reducing the budget and attempting to find new sources of revenue)

What this is:  This way forward focuses work on fixing the financials by finding small wins.  The Design Team’s fear in this decision is that it will ultimately result in attrition of membership and mission.

Potential Consequences and Next Steps:

  • Need to find volunteer team leads and team members to implement ideas that were brought forward over the past year.  (weddings, new member drive, yoga/workout space, cooking classes, sharing staff, sharing building).
Option 3 – Massive Mission (Search for Pastor whose passion align with our Massive Mission focus)

What this is:  This way forward is to go “all-in” on mission and ministry in the community with the hope that it might revitalize the congregation. This would require the congregation to come to agreement about a new focus of ministry utilizing our best resources (food insecurity or community engagement as examples).  This requires a withdrawal of money from the endowment to support this ministry and potentially a staff position to direct this effort.

Potential Consequences & Next Steps

  • Need to have a team lead and willing team members to further detail what this looks like, most critically designing the staff required to support.  Assist in hiring.
  • Authorize $150,000 per year for 2023 and 2024 (staff member plus funding to support the mission)
  • Congregation needs to be ready and willing to plug into programs (volunteer)
  • Revisit finances at the end of 2024.  By that time, we will know if we have been able to energize existing and recruit new members in a way that balances our budget.  If we have not, then the Congregation will once again need to make tough decisions about what options are available.

Red Wagon Preschool Supply Drive

It is that time of year to start thinking about “Back to School”! We would like to have a supply drive again for Red Wagon. See the supply list below for items the Red Wagon teachers are requesting. Please be mindful of the brand and descriptions of items-these teachers know what will work best with the students. Please drop off items in the box outside of the office by August 19. We would like to present these supplies to the Red Wagon Staff on Red Wagon Sunday (August 21).

From Red Wagon Staff —

FCC Family,

We are SO grateful for your wish to gift us with school supplies. Here’s our Wish List.

  •  40 mm Googlie Eyes (These are worth their weight in gold here.)
  •  Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
  •  Glue Sticks (Purple, Disappearing color is preferred)
  •  Washable Markers, Wide and Narrow
  •  All Purpose Glue Dots
  •  Crafter’s Dot Glue Runner or Tape
  •  24 count crayons

Thank you so very much. We pray Blessings on you all.
“Miss” Amanda and the Red Wagon Staff

Summer Worship Reflections – Part 2

Here’s What Folks Are Saying!

Summer worship has been a great source of fun and fellowship.  The feedback from those attending has been overwhelmingly positive.  I think part of what folks have enjoyed is the opportunity to talk together about the scripture and how it is speaking to FCC in this moment.

On July 10th the scripture was Isaiah 43:18-21.  The discussion questions were:

  1. What is God promising to Israel?
  2. God asks Israel to “not remember the former things or consider things of old”.  Why might God ask this of them?
  3. God says, “I am about to do a new thing..”  What “new thing” do you think God is about to do at FCC?  How do you know?  
  4. How might FCC respond to what God is up to?

After discussing the questions at their tables, one person was invited to write down the highlights of their conversation.  Here is what people are saying in general response to the scripture questions:

  • God will care for us all – no matter what
  • Look to now and move forward
  • Trust in God, have faith
  • We must do the new thing
  • Pray
  • Be open and welcoming
  • Listen
  • Be involved
  • Embrace the uncertainty of the future
  • Keep our love for each other
  • Keep eyes and ears open for the new good thing
  • All our staff have changed
  • Let go of old things and start new things
  • He is taking care of us. Making a change is okay
  • Cannot look back.
  • Goodbye to the old.
  • God is always with us.
  • We are reorganizing.
  • New minister
  • Working to be more prepared
  • Different interpretations
  • Do not remember old ways – Values NOW
  • Bring people in- We’ve been unsettled for a long time
  • God will help us through change and new situations
  • We must open our hearts to everyone – look ahead
  • Make outside welcome so families will come
  • The Lord will take of us
  • Accept the unfamiliar ; Forge ahead
  • Put the past behind us
  • We don’t know, but God will provide. We should move forward with faith and trust.
  • All are welcome. Do not fear change and embrace.
  • Form a search committee
  • God will provide safety, guidance, presence, protect
  • Open minded to be receptive to what’s new and look back, you will be remind to what’s new
  • FCC embrace change
  • Dialog, share ideas, look at options, recognize
  • Resist cynicism 
  • Bright end of tunnel is coming – Trust in God
  • Dwelling on the past makes us immobile. Need to be open to new experiences, way of doing things.
  • People here today shows God is working through us
  • Listen/ open minded
  • God will do new things and we may not immediately perceive it. “A way in the wilderness” hearkens to the coming of the Messiah.
  • It is very hard to give up “the way things have always been done” even though they have not always been done that way.
  • Changing the church to match where people are. Jesus came to meet us where we are. The church was created to serve. The church was created to help the poor, the widows, the orphans, and those whose needs are beyond their capabilities. We have been blessed to be a blessing. In the past, those in need have come to the church. Now those in need have seen “churches” that have been places of judgment and greed, and in some cases actually do harm. Places that take away the individual relationship with God and present a “we (or I) will tell you what to believe” doctrine. The emptiness of that message is plain to those who already have emptiness in their lives and it is easier for them to ignore all churches. There must be a better way for God’s church, our church to reach those in need. I think that is coming.
  • Abraham was willing to give up Isaac for his faith. What are we willing to give up for our faith? How do we reach those that are disillusioned by life, who feel like there could be more to it but do not know where to find it

Summer Worship Reflections – Part 1

Here’s What Folks Are Saying!

Summer worship has been a great source of fun and fellowship.  The feedback from those attending has been overwhelmingly positive.  I think part of what folks have enjoyed is the opportunity to talk together about the scripture and how it is speaking to FCC in this moment.

On July 3rd the scripture was Joshua 24:14-18.  The discussion questions were:

  1. What is God asking from Israel?
  2. How has God been active in the life of FCC through its history?
  3. What is one way you have experienced (or heard about) God’s saving hand in the life of this congregation?

After discussing the questions at their tables, one person was invited to write down the highlights of their conversation.  Here is what people are saying in general response to the scripture questions:

  • There have been times in our church when someone has been treated without care by another person and a member of our congregation surrounded the hurt/injured person and lifted them up.
  • Parish Nurse Blood drives, Visiting Friends
  • Fellowship after church worship
  • Outreach
    • NAMI walk
    • Gay Pride March – Our Church banner
    • Mobile Food Pantry
    • Vegetable Garden for OC immigrants through World Relief
  • FCC members ministering to it’s members
  • We have hope, confidence, super awesome friends, a super smart brain (and way more) because of God
  • We talked about what we (FCC) were made of:
    • The welcome that is extended to all
    • Mission trips – hearing more than expected by being with the people
    • Work but joy
    • God working to bind everyone together for the goal of the church, differences accepted more in the past
    • Local mission – food baskets, etc.

Specific answers to the questions

Question 1: What is God asking from Israel?

  • We are asked to make a decision
  • God asks for respect and loyalty

Question 2: How has God been active in the life of FCC through its history?

  • Mission work
    • Essential baskets
    • Giving tree
  • God has polished and perfected us for something wonderful

Question 3: What is one way you have experienced (or heard about) God’s saving hand in the life of this congregation?

  • Small groups build a sense of community
  • We have survived many challenges

Kick Off Sunday September 18th

  • 10 am – Worship
    Bring your backpacks for a back-to-school blessing!
    Children & youth sing with Chancel Choir!
  • 11 am – Children, youth & FCC Family Activities
    Holey Donuts Food Truck
    Bounce House
    Magic Show
    Scavenger Hunt
  • 4 pm – 6 pm Confirmation Begins:
    Group Leaders – Mary Newcomb & Brad Dye
  • 6 pm – 8 pm High School Youth Group
    Group Leaders: Kim Fuller & Jeff Newcomb

Join us on Sunday September 18th, 2022 and Kick-Off the new Sunday School year!

Kick-Off starts with worship at 10 am and then enjoy some fun activities after.

The following week Sunday School will start at 9 am down stairs in the Christian Ed wing.

Please fill out the form below for your child(ren) in Pre-K through 6th grade.

If you have any questions please contact the CE Board by email.

See you September 18th!!!

Summer Worship

Summer naturally invites us to kick back a little, adjust for the heat a lot, and relax.  Summer worship can too!  

There are so many reasons to do worship a little differently in the summer:

  • attendance is always down and the huge sanctuary can feel empty, even on Sundays
  • we can worship in a more relaxed setting that allows for more fellowship 
  • we can dialogue together about the scripture and what it means for our interim time
  • you don’t have to get dressed up! (unless you want to, of course)
  • we can focus more on building community together
  • you can bring your coffee – or juice, or soda…
  • we’ll have special ways for children and youth to participate 
  • we can celebrate Communion every Sunday

Beginning July 3, we will gather for worship in the Fellowship Hall  at our regular time (yes we will still livestream!).  We will worship around the Word, around tables, and have the opportunity to discuss together how the scriptures are speaking to us. Our goal is to relax – into the Word, into each other, into fellowship with God.  Join us!

Summer Worship Reflections Part 1

Summer Worship Reflections Part 2

A letter from the UCC

The Council of Conference Ministers of the United Church of Christ
Officers of the United Church of Christ:

  • Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer, General Minister and President
  • Rev. Dr. Traci D. Blackmon, Associate General Minister, Justice and Local Church Ministries
  • Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia Thompson, Associate General Minister, Wider Church Ministries and Operations, Co-Executive for Global Ministries

Open and Affirming Coalition of the United Church of Christ
Rev. Andrew Lang, Executive Director

Summer of Service is Back! 

Outreach & Mission Board and the Faith Formation Boards are happy to invite you to participate in a service activity once a month, then meet for playtime and ice cream at a park after. The park and ice cream locations will emerge closer to each date listed!

If interested in any of these activities, please email Becca at

Church United Meal Site, Zion Lutheran Church, Davenport

June 23rd, Thursday evening- Youth and families can prepare food to serve, package and serve food…or both! Zion Meal Site runs as a drive through service at this time, so the more hands the better! If interested in this service, email Becca at

World Relief Food Pantry, Moline

  • July 8th, Friday 9am- Youth and families are invited to load up the church bus, pick up a food donation at River Bend Food Bank, then head to World Relief in Moline to stock their food pantry. 
  • July 11th, Monday 9am- Youth and families are invited to serve at the World Relief Food Bank and help families shop for food. 

Feel free to join for one or both of these dates! If you’re interested in this, email Becca

Closet2Closet, Rock Island

August 4th, Thursday 4:00-5:30pm- Youth and families are invited to serve at Closet2Closet, with plenty of tasks for all ages to contribute! And naturally, we cannot arrive empty handed, so donations of children’s socks, underwear, and hygiene items are requested. We have developed a fond friendship over the years with this mission, and cannot wait to visit them once again. If interested, email Becca at

Meal Site

Serving at the Churches United Meal Site in June was such a success, a second meal site was added August 15th! If you would like to be a part of this meal, connect with Becca at

Designing Our Future Together:  What’s a church profile anyway?

The Design Team is churning away.  Dedicated folks are working tirelessly to look creatively at the real barriers FCC is facing as it looks toward the future.  They are answering questions like, “how do we deal with our financial situation? How might we leverage our building for future success? How do we stay focused and rowing in the same direction?”

These are great questions. But there is much more to do.  But, we can walk and chew gum at the same time!  Let’s begin talking about the church profile that a team will eventually need to prepare in order to call your next pastor.  

Join Pastor Becky for a review of the church profile and what questions FCC needs to be able to answer before the profile can be drafted.  

Sunday June 12 after worship in the fellowship hall


Thursday June 16th at 6pm by Zoom. See details below.

Topic: Church Profile Conversation
Time: Jun 16, 2022 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 932 830 1273
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Dial by your location
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Meeting ID: 932 830 1273
Find your local number:

All Congregation Cookout and Design Team Update | Wednesday- June 8th- 6pm

Hello FCC Friends! The Design Team has been hard at work researching, brainstorming, and collaborating to find creative and faith centered ideas to revitalize and rejuvenate our congregation as we move forward. 

Please plan to attend an All Congregation Dinner and stay for the Design Team Update, with highlights to include: 2-3 areas of focus moving forward, potential resource sharing with another area church, profit opportunities within our current spaces. 

This event is planned to be outside- Bring your lawn chair and a beverage, the Design Team will take care of the rest! 

RSVP by Monday June 6th to or call the office 309-762-0787.

Becca Peterson on behalf of the Design Team