Church Council

Church Council

The overall direction and management of the church shall rest with the Church Council using the input of our professional clergy and of the four Boards created by this Constitution. The Church Council is the single governing board of the church and consists of nine members, including four at- large members (elected by the congregation), four board chairs (elected by their respective boards) and the Church Clerk (elected by the congregation). The moderator (Chair) and vice­moderator (Vice­Chair) are elected from at-large members of the council by the Church Council.

The Church Council is responsible for the following activities:

  • Church Policies and Governance ­
  • Long Range Planning and Execution
  • Budget Planning and Tracking ­
  • Church Administration ­
  • Standing Committees ­

Members: Audra Bailey (Moderator), Russ Armstrong, Barb Guss, Tami Marshall (Clerk), Kristi Bailey (SE Chair), Phil Koenig (BF Chair), Amanda Beck (CE Chair), Pam Wendt (OM Chair).

Moderator: Audra Bailey

For more information on the Church Council and Church Boards click here for a copy of the constitution

Council Meeting Summary Archive

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