Day 2

Day 2

Hello and welcome back to ReNew: the Green VBS! This is your information sheet for Day #2, follow the steps in order below for your second day of vbs fun!

We want to see our VBS campers in action! Take pics along  your vbs day and upload them here for us to share!

Daily Theme: Taking Root

  1. Read Introduction and Bible Story as a family, be sure to use your best enthusiastic and excited Becca voice!! Click here! (link to intro pdf)
  2. Play songs 1 and 10, this time, practice your best robot dance moves and try dancing like a worm! Click here! (link to songs)
  3. Review reflection Questions/Bible Point:
    • Why do seeds need to grow?
    • What are my spiritual roots?
    • Bible Point: God’s love takes root in me!
  4. Take Root Seedlings: Click here! (link to day 2 Take Root Seedlings pdf)
  5. Activity
  6. Getting to the Root Snack: Click here! (link to snack pdf)
  7. Play songs 9 and 1, this time sing and make up action signs for the songs! Click here! (link to songs)
  8. Eco Art- Leaf Rubbing (everyone) Click here! (link to instructions)

Sprouts and Seedlings: On your VBS bag, it should say whether each child is a sprout or a seedling…Seeding age 1-6 years, Sprout age 7-12 years.